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"America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon with Olympian Michael Phelps; Vivian Zink/NBC(LOS ANGELES) -- Wednesday night's installment of NBC’s America’s Got Talent saw seven of the 12 acts that performed on Tuesday's show learn that they had been chosen to advance to the semifinals. The other five acts were sent home.

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time with 23 gold medals, including five at the recent 2016 Rio Olympics, appeared as a guest co-host on Wednesday's show.

Judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Simon Cowell, along with host Nick Cannon, were on hand for the live event airing from Hollywood's Dolby Theater to learn which acts America had selected to advance for a chance at the $1 million top prize.

Also back for season 11 is the “Dunkin’ Save," which allowed viewers to vote live to save an act in danger of elimination. They were instructed to search "Dunkin’ Save" on Google and select one of the three acts with the lowest vote totals that they wanted to see in the finals.

Magicians Kadan Bart Rockett and Blake Vogt, singers Grace VanderWaal and Brian Justin Crum, family musical group Edgar, Argentine dance troupe Malevo and a cappella group Linkin’ Bridge all advanced to the finals.

Dancers Alla and Daniel, transgender comedian Julia Scotti, contortionist Velo Vaher, jugglers The Passing Zone and singer Ronee Martin were sent home.

Here’s a rundown of Wednesday’s action:

Dancers Alla and Daniel and magician Kadan Bart Rockett were the first two acts to learn their fates. Rockett advances to the semifinals. Rockett, 10, and his eight-year-old sister/assistant, Brooklyn, tearfully thanked America.

Next, singers Grace VanderWaal and Brian Justin Crum were called to the front of the stage. Both acts advance in the competition. Howie called the two “a higher level of talent,” declaring the vote a “win-win.”

Cannon then called transgender comedian Julia Scotti, contortionist Velo Vaher and family musical group Edgar to the front of the stage. Edgar moved on to the semifinals.

Jugglers The Passing Zone and magician Blake Vogt were the final two acts to learn their fates. Vogt advances to the next round of competition. Heidi noted that Blake – who is allergic to just about everything -- showed his allergies “who’s boss.”

Earlier in the show, Cannon revealed that a cappella group Linkin’ Bridge, Argentine dance troupe Malevo and singer Ronee Martin were the acts with the three lowest vote totals, and gave viewers a chance to save one of them with the "Dunkin’ Save." America picked Malevo to advance to the semifinals.

The judges then got to decide which of the remaining two acts would advance. Heidi picked Ronee, but Mel B, Howie and Simon chose Linkin’ Bridge, sending the group to the semifinals.

The evening also included a performance by season-seven finalists Recycled Percussion.

America’s Got Talent returns next Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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Win McNamee/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Michelle Obama is adding her voice to those calling for more diversity in television and film.

While admitting to Variety that she's a product of pop culture and uses the medium to promote things that matter to her, the first lady finds fault with the entertainment industry for its lack of diversity.

“For so many people, television and movies may be the only way they understand people who aren’t like them,” she says.

Mrs. Obama believes the industry can influence perceptions in the way it did in the '70s, when TV viewers "developed a love for Archie Bunker, and empathy for George Jefferson."

Archie Bunker, a white bigot, was the main character in the groundbreaking sitcom All in the Family.  George Jefferson, an African-American bigot, was the main character in the All in the Family spinoff, The Jeffersons.

 “There are folks who now know black families -- like the Johnsons on black-ish or the folks on Modern Family,” said Mrs. Obama. “They make you laugh, and they change how you see the world. And that is particularly true in a country where there are still millions of people who live in communities where they can live their whole lives not having contact or exposure with people who aren’t like them, whether that is race or religion or simply lifestyle."

"The only way that millions of people get to know other folks and the way they live," Mrs. Obama says, "is through the power of television and movies.”

The new issue of Variety is available now.

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ABC/Ida Mae Astute(NEW YORK) -- As many wrestling fans had been speculating, the purported beef between Fast & Furious stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vin Diesel is all part of a calculated lead-up to a WWE wrestling match between the pair to promote their upcoming Fast 8 -- at least, according to Life and Style magazine.

The tabloid says the widely reported on-set static that led Rock to put certain "candy a**" co-stars on blast on Instagram is in fact, "a publicity stunt to amp up drama for a WWE wrestling match and to help promote the April 2017 release of Fast 8."

Diesel quickly outed himself as said candy-canned co-worker, and teased fans he'd someday reveal "Everything." 

An unnamed "insider" says the beef is about as real as the stuff in a Slim Jim. It's "a huge prank, and it’s all for publicity," the source claims.

Incidentally, it was Johnson's use of that particular diss that led wrestling fans to believe the put-down was a put-on: it's an insult he frequently threw at adversaries in the ring when he was a full-time wrestler.

Fast 8 is slated for an April 14, 2017 release.

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Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones has a new headache online: somebody hacked her personal website and reportedly posted nude photos of her. 

The Hollywood Reporter notes the cyber attacker -- or attackers -- grabbed personal pictures and other information from Jones' iCloud account and posted them on her website,, after control of it was illegally seized.  

 Her site was taken down around noon Eastern time.

The comic and actress recently quit Twitter, albeit briefly, amid cyberbulling at the hands of online trolls that targeted her over her participation in the all-female Ghostbusters remake. 

Jones soon reactivated her account and, in happier online news, scored a chance to cover the Olympics for NBC thanks to her lively live tweets of the Rio Games. 

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, outspoken gay conservative columnist Milo Yiannopoulos -- who was banned for life from Twitter in the wake of Jones' online harassment -- said he took no pleasure from the news.

"I'm distressed to hear that Leslie Jones has been hacked and naked pictures of her have been posted online," he noted in a statement to the trade. "I know we had our differences after my review of Ghostbusters but I wish her all the best at what must be a deeply upsetting time."

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ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- While he proved he can bulk up, as seen in the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, John Krasinski says seeing super-buff Chris Hemsworth as Thor scared The Office alum away from playing Captain America. 

Krasinski, who screen-tested for the part that eventually went to Chris Evans, revealed the news to Conan O’Brien Tuesday night, after admitting to being nervous that security-obsessed Marvel would come after him for spilling secrets.

"It was a big deal for me...because I love those Marvel movies," the actor recalled. "They actually allowed me to wear the suit," he added, miming getting dressed in Cap's spangly uniform.

"I was putting on the suit, and I got right to my waist, I was still shirtless. I was feeling pretty good about myself -- I wasn’t 13 Hours yet, but felt pretty good. And then all of a sudden, Chris Hemsworth walks by as Thor, and goes, ‘Hey, mate.’ And I was like, ‘I’m good," Krasinski said, has he miming taking off his hero pants. "'This is stupid. I'm not Captain America.'"

While he didn't get the Cap gig, Krasinski will play a hero of a different kind in an upcoming Amazon series about Tom Clancy's professor-turned-spy, Jack Ryan.

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ABC/Fred Watkins(LOS ANGELES) -- Speaking to GQ AustraliaSuicide Squad actor Scott Eastwood revealed a personal tragedy -- one which he believes has affected his attitude towards relationships.

When asked about the last time he cried, the actor, 30, said, "I dated a girl a couple of years ago who died in a car accident.”

He described the horrific details of the accident, calling it "f***ed up."

"There was a recall on airbags," he said of his former girlfriend's car. "Her airbag exploded. It shot a projectile through her body. It split her spine, and...I’ve never told anybody that."

He didn't name the woman, but People magazine has identified her 26-year-old Jewel Brangman, and noted her 2014 death prompted her father to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Honda, the rental company that owned the 2001 vehicle, and Takata, the airbag manufacturer behind the massive recall.

Eastwood says the loss still haunts him. 

"I’ve lost friends before; I’ve lost some great friends. But, I had never lost someone I had been really intimate with, you know, like in that way, in a relationship," he explained. "I think that really affected me in a way that...I don’t know. Maybe it’s made it harder for me to date."

Eastwood admitted that he's never called the woman's father, even after all this time, because, "I still haven’t found the right words."

Eastwood also spoke about his iconic father, Clint Eastwood, and his no-nonsense style of parenting. After leaving his younger sister at a party when he was just a teen, he said his father punched him for not looking after her.

"He popped me and said, ‘You don’t ever leave your sister at a party. EVER.’ And it was very old-school, very old-school of him. He wasn’t afraid. None of this new-age bulls**t where you can’t even smack the kid because everyone’s afraid of being judged or whatever," he said. "I learned quickly."

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Sarah Paulson with "AHS" creator/producer Ryan Murphy; Frank Micelotta/FX(LOS ANGELES) -- American Horror Story regular Sarah Paulson is going glam for her next TV role.

The actress is joining the cast of AHS creator/producer Ryan Murphy's latest anthology series, Feud. The show's firt season will focus on the rivalry between Joan Crawford, to be played by Jessica Lange, and Bette Davis, to be played by Susan Sarandon, during the making of the 1962 film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Paulson, who's nominated for an Emmy for playing prosecutor Marcia Clark in Murphy's The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, will portray Geraldine Page, Murphy announced on Twitter.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was recently added to the cast and will play actress Olivia de Havilland.

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Director David Lynch; Glenn Hunt/Getty Image(NEW YORK) --  What’s the greatest film of the 21st century? 

The BBC has released the results of a poll it commissioned that asked critics to answer that question. Topping the list of 100: the 2001 drama Mulholland Drive.

The mystery film, centering around an amnesiac who receives help from an aspiring actress after a car wreck, stars Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux, Ann Miller and Robert Forster. It earned a best-director Oscar nod for David Lynch.

Other movies in the top 10: 2007's There Will Be Blood, at #3; 2014's Boyhood, at #5; and 2004's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, at #6.

Notably, there are no live-action comedies listed in the top 100.

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Grace VanderWaal on “America’s Got Talent”; Vivian Zink/NBC(LOS ANGELES) -- America’s Got Talent continued its Live Rounds at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater Tuesday night, with the last 12 quarterfinalists relying on fan votes to see which of them would advance to the semifinals. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B were treated to performances from singers, magicians, comedians and dancers, all introduced by host Nick Cannon.

Music acts ruled the evening, with an openly gay singer who was bullied as a kid, a family band and a 12-year-old singer stealing the show.

Here’s a rundown of some of Tuesday’s highlights:

Ronnee Martin, 62, is trying to prove you’re never too old to chase your dream. Her soulful version of Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” brought her a step closer, and three of the judges to their feet. Mel B praised the singer for her “class and inner strength.” Howie declared Ronnee is “a star.”

Kadan Bart Rockett, a 10-year-old magician, had his sister/assistant Brooklyn, 8, hand each of the judges a set of handcuffs and asked them to place them around his wrists. He succeeded in freeing himself from a box on stage before six chainsaws penetrated the box. When a curtain covering the box was removed, Kadan was gone, re-emerging from a locked box placed on a table next to the judges earlier. Simon called the trick “fantastically creepy.”

Edgar, a family band from Los Angeles, wowed the judges with their gospel-tinged version of James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend.” Noted Heidi, “The family that sings together, wins together.” Simon called the act his favorite of the night. Mel B declared the performance was “spot-on.”

Openly gay singer Brian Justin Crum delivered a haunting version of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” bringing all four judges to their feet. Heidi called it “the best performance of the night.”

Malevo is a dance group consisting of eight men from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who like to consider themselves the "Magic Mikes" of Argentina. Tuesday’s routine led Simon to predict that the act would be headlining their own show in Las Vegas in two years.

Grace VanderWaal, 12, performed an original song she wrote about her sister called “I’ll Hold Your Hand.” Simon noted she didn’t always hit the right notes and her voice tended to be “croaky” at times, but that’s what makes her “perfect.” Howie, who pressed his Golden Buzzer for the tween, declared she was “bigger than Taylor Swift” and predicted she would go on to become the biggest act to ever emerge from the show.

America’s Got Talent returns Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) -- The Bachelor in Paradise love triangle between Jared Haibon, Caila Quinn and Ashley Iaconetti showed no signs of resolving itself on Tuesday night's episode. If anything, it became even more complicated.

Ashley refused to back down after Jared and Caila received a date card from special guests Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, who married after meeting on the show.

Ashley was in such disbelief that Jared and Caila got the card that she prayed to God that their romance falls apart.

If they were to go to the fantasy suite, "I think I'd die," Ashley dramatically said later on.

During their date, Jared acknowledged to Caila that Ashley has been an obstacle for the both of them, but he reiterated how much he wants to be with Caila.

But after the date, Ashley tried to interfere yet again. She floated to Jared the possibility that he's into Caila more than Caila is into him. He relayed Ashley's comments to Caila, who rejected the idea.

"I want this to keep going, and she needs to step back," Caila told him.

Caila decided to confront Ashley and tell her just that. In doing so, she used the word "we" to describe her relationship with Jared, which agitated Ashley.

"If you were honestly here to meet someone else, you should focus on that," Caila advised her.

When Ashley said she's yet to develop an interest in another man, Caila shot back, "So you're going to sabotage everyone else?"

Caila wondered to the cameras whether her relationship with Jared is worth continuing if Ashley is going to keep getting involved. Stay tuned.

The episode began with a breakup. Vinny Ventiera had a tear-filled chat with Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind, who'd questioned their romance because she thinks Brett Melnick is good-looking.

"I have chosen to remove myself from here," Vinny declared, before leaving Izzy, Mexico and paradise.

A couple of other relationship issues popped up on Tuesday night. There was some uneasiness between Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, who didn't feel ready to return his "I love you" from the previous night's episode. He believed she is pushing him away.

In addition, Jen Saviano, seeking progression in her relationship with Nick Viall, tried to get him to let his guard down more.

In a more positive development, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass' courtship is stronger than ever. They went on a date to a temazcal sweat lodge to release negative energy. There, Evan expressed how happy he is that she's accepted his "weird" and his "crazy."

"I've fallen more and more for you, and it's surprised me every single second. And I'm excited about that," Carly responded.

Bachelor in Paradise continues next Monday night on ABC.

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Sonja Flemming/CBS(LOS ANGELES) -- Pop star Britney Spears will be James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" passenger on Thursday's edition of The Late Late Show, a day before she releases her new album, Glory, but we got a preview of the segment Tuesday. 

The clip starts off with the two singing a little of Spears' 2003 hit, "Toxic." After the mother of two reveals that her kids have seen her Las Vegas show, Corden jokes, "I saw my mum in her underwear once when I was like 11" -- a reference to Spears' skimpy outfits. 

"You're so dirty," Britney responds, giving Corden a playful smack.

"I'm not dirty," the host answers, "I can't shake the image from my brain."  

Spears is the latest famous passenger to ride shotgun with Corden on "Carpool Karaoke." First lady Michelle Obama was the most recent, with others including Adele, Justin Bieber and Gwen Stefani, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, and even George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

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Araya Diaz/WireImage(LONDON) -- Star Trek: Beyond baddie Idris Elba is apparently fulfilling his "lifelong ambition" to be a proficient fighter.

People reports he has partnered again with Discovery for Idris Elba: Fighter, a limited series for which the already imposing actor has been training to be a kickboxer with the intention of "testing himself" against professional fighters. 

Elba has experience kickboxing for fitness, but the show will reportedly take him to various countries -- including Cuba, Japan, South Africa, and Thailand -- to hone his skills.

The series may premiere in early 2017, but the fighting is about to get underway. The actor just posted a shirtless Instagram of himself, along with the caption, "Cutting weight, two days before first fight, mind in the right place. Fear NO guy."

Discovery International already airs Elba pushing his limits behind the wheel -- and the pilot's stick -- with Idris Elba: No Limits. That series has him tackling disciplines like aerobatic feats, land speed records, and rally racing.


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Photo by James Sorensen/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images(MONSEY, NEW YORK) -- Steven Hill, who for years played gruff District Attorney Adam Schiff on Law & Order, has died.

The World War II Navy vet-turned character actor, who also appeared on the original Mission: Impossible TV series, was 94.

In a statement obtained by The Hollywood ReporterL&O producer Dick Wolf said, "Steven was not only one of the truly great actors of his generation, he was one of the most intelligent people I have ever met...He will be missed but fortunately he can be seen ubiquitously on Law & Order reruns."

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Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Steve Harvey Foundation(NEW JERSEY) -- Chris Rock's 20-year marriage with Malaak Compton is officially over.

According to TMZ, the two appeared before a New Jersey judge Monday to finalize their divorce.

Rock and Compton were married in 1996 and have two daughters together, Zahra, 12, and Lola, 14.

The pair, who separated in 2014, reportedly have a third child originally from South Africa, Ntombi, 8, who was never officially adopted but lived with Rock's family from the age of six months.

Although Chris has reportedly been in contact with his biological children, he's maintained that Ntombi is not his child.

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James White/E! Entertainment(LOS ANGELES) -- In a vivid and candid memoir, lyricist Linda Thompson is opening up about her relationship with music icon Elvis Presley and, later, her marriage to the person now known as Caitlyn Jenner.

She also opens up about the “earth-shattering” moment when, she says, Jenner revealed a deeply held secret.

Thompson, 66, chatted with ABC News’ Chris Connelly about her book, A Little Thing Called Life.

"My happiness was complete until that day when Brody was 18 months old and Brandon was just about 3½,” she said, speaking of her sons with Jenner, “and my remarkable husband came to me one day and said, ‘I need to tell you something about myself.’”

Thompson said she feared Jenner was about to confess an affair.

“And he said, ‘I identify as a woman,’” she recalled. “He said, ‘I am a woman ... I would like to become female on the exterior, because I've always been female on the inside.’”

Thompson described her reaction at the time. “It was earth-shattering. It was devastating ...,” she said, adding, “People can't understand. ‘You must've had some kind of idea.’ No, nunca, nada, never, nothing.”

Therapy sessions would bring her greater understanding, she said.

“My deeper compassion was for Bruce ... for her to have felt so trapped in the wrong body, it broke my heart to think that he, that he had struggled so long and so hard,” Thompson said.

While she struggled to understand the idea that her husband was transgender, she says Jenner invited her to come to New York. She fully anticipated a romantic weekend, but when she knocked on the door, Thompson says, Jenner appeared dressed in women’s clothing.

Thompson was unprepared, and remembers that she “just crumbled."

“I think I even fell down in the hall ... I just went, ‘Oh, oh, no, no.’ And I just started crying,” she said.

Thompson says Jenner, now 66, was contrite.

“'I'm so sorry. I just thought it was very important that you see who I authentically am,’” she recalled Jenner’s saying to her. “Not until that moment, I guess, did it sink into my psyche that that truly was who Caitlyn felt that she was. And I had to respect that and honor that and move on with my life.”

The couple split in 1986. Thompson was Jenner’s second wife. Jenner married Kris Kardashian in 1991. They divorced in 2015.

After Jenner's publicly announced transition last year, Thompson -- a pageant standout who was Presley’s lover, confidant, confessor and caregiver for 4 1/2 years, after his split from his wife Priscilla -- was supportive.

"I think, more than anything, it's been a relief for Caitlyn to be able to emerge as her true self. And we love her ... But when I first met her she was in a Bruce Jenner body. He was just an incredible person. Still is,” she said.

She added: “I have since said to her, ‘You’ve got to give yourself credit. You know, you kicked manhood’s butt.’”

ABC News reached out to Jenner but she wasn’t available for comment.

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