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Ric's Voice-less Rant. He couldn't deliver it on the air, but we can here

WSAR GENERAL MANAGER  Ric Oliveira was unable to give his weekly rant entitled this week we learned. So we deliver it here! 
This week it really sunk in- this story of the high school drop-out who got a job in homeland security and figured out that the whole constitution thing was just a mirage and then stole the files that prove it is all true.
Yes, no wonder he is holed up in Russia. I mean, if you really think about it, it’s kind of like an old school version of our new home.
Really, don’t you remember being told in school how bad it was in Russia where their government spied on their people and it was predetermined what you would end up being in life.
Well, you see it is true at least only the spyng part ….for now.. Uncle Sam can and does spy on all of us, like some bad b movie from the Sci Fi Channel. Emails, texts, no court  review just hackers, slackers and schelackers of our Bill of Rights. It’s how it begins.
And before you go all tea party on me, It was the Neocons on the right and the left, the schills and special interest whores whose copulation of our representatives has so stained the constitution that the first second and many more amendments have been left smudged if not erased. Yep. The American people, have lost their nation to corporate interests, the military and security complex, pharmaceuticals, energy traders, gamblers and corporate food processers while its only defense against a corrupt government, an independent media, like it says in the constitution, was purchased by the same interests that purchased the government.
Get it.
That’s why Snowden is a traitor.
After all, you can not let a high school drop-out who got a job with the wink wink homeland security expose the next steps of the plan, Damn little traitor.  Oh don’t worry, we all know he is going to shoot himself twice in the head and we will forget all about crazy stuff cuz some poor idiot artist from Hollywood is on drugs cuz they can’t deal with life. Quick get me a lorazapan, I want to watch that!
 This week we also learned that We may end up with an alternative school and a couple of charter schools in Fall River after all is said and done. Remember the good old days when you could not talk about education in Fall River because no one cared, well they are gone. And that also is how it begins.
 Congratulations to the warriors of these kids. Now get it all done right!
And finally this week we learned that my afternoon guys hansel and regrettal, need a name for their new show that they will launch on Monday. You see it occurred to me, after much alchohol that the synergy between Faust and Wayne can not be ignored nor should it be wasted. You see I have complete say over the whole wasted thing. Cuz we all know that NEW IDEAS not old ideas, separate the men from the toy soldiers.
Now you see we have a true artist among us, that would be Faust with all the quirkyness and literary noodles of any box of cereal that has flakes.
And I think if we put him together with a badly burned Fall River political malassada that thinks he can captain clams in the River, we will get … Wait for it…   
 But we need to name their show.  And the major league team I lead into the new era of media has been hard at work in coming up with some possible names.
Now it can not be anything with the word panico in it. Cuz we all know only the King of Beans can bless these offerings.  But there are many Flavorful and catchy as well as marketable ideas already floating around the station. Someone scribbled on the walls, that it should be called “Free Beer” with Wayne and Faust. But, apparently Faust drinks only kale.
The Green Lady, our wsar scifi billboard,  has a sign on her that says the shows name should be Cheech and Thong. I still don’t know what that means.
 The tech guy, who is always here it seems, said it should be “no bail for kale.”
Someone else who writes in green pen said it should be called Super Manny meets his Quakas.
But I told them both, new WSART rule. You can only talk about quakas on Fridays,
Speaking of the station,
 Meanwhile, we learned that when Hec is away Barry has used the letter P on numerous occasions something that would never make it past Hec’s quick trigger on the dump button. Yes, if you are wondering Hec does use the word Dump rather freely. It did after all take him three years to say Freaken Friday on the air.  
And that is what we have learned this week

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